About Us

Hello! Welcome to the The Paw Print Boutique a Dog Wear brand made for all those stylish pooches out there!
My name is Ruby and the gorgeous Doggy in my arms is my French Bulldog Puppy Pablo! Here's a little bit of info about us..

The Paw Print Boutique was created in 2020, the year that COVID-19 came and turned everyone's life's upside down, including mine. Like many others I was working in Events and was firstly furloughed from my role and then later made redundant. I had also recently moved towns and was 160 miles away from my family and friends which was very hard for me.

I saw a post pop-up on Facebook about a beautiful litter of French Bulldog Puppies that had been born locally. I went with my gut instinct and the beautiful Pablo came along. When Pablo came into my life he gave me the inspiration to create The Paw Print Boutique.