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The Sassy Sunnies Cooling Vest

The Sassy Sunnies Cooling Vest

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Perfect for those warmer days the Cooling Vests keep your Dogs nice and cool!

Made from an instant cooling fibre material that is also super comfortable for your pet.

Soak the vest under the cold tap and wring the excess water out. You can even leave them in the Fridge to make them colder. 

Available in size Small - 5XL

Size Small - Neck: 30.5cm, Chest Girth: 35-40cm, Back Length: 30cm, Weight: 2.5 - 4.5kg

Size Medium - Neck: 32.5cm, Chest Girth: 37.5-42cm, Back Length: 35cm, Weight: 4.5 - 7kg

Size Large - Neck: 34.5-35cm, Back Length: 42.5cm, Chest Girth: 40-50cm, Weight: 7.5 - 10kg

Size XL - Neck: 36-37.5cm, Chest Girth: 47.5-52.5cm, Back Length: 45cm, Weight: 10.5 - 13kg

Size XL Wide Neck - Neck: 43-44cm, Chest Girth: 47.5-52.5cm, Back Length: 45cm, Weight: 10.5 - 13kg

Size 2XL - Neck: 40.5cm, Chest Girth: 52.5-57.5cm, Back Length: 50cm, Weight: 13 - 18kg 

Size 3XL - Neck: 43.5cm, Chest Girth: 60-65cm, Back Length: 55cm, Weight: 17-25kg

Size 4XL - Neck: 47.5cm, Chest Girth: 72.5-80cm, Back Length: 65-70cm, Weight: 25-34kg 

Size 5XL - Neck: 51.5cm-52cm, Chest Girth: 75-82.5cm, Back Length: 80-90cm, Weight: 34-54kg 

If you own one of our Dog Hoodies the sizing comes up as very similar to those.

If you are still unsure on what size you need please email us on

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